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New TN400 Turbidity Meter

Received a tn400 turbidimeter last week. Calibrates fine but will not measure real samples (tested raw and treated water) Always measures 0.00 or 0.03 Tested same samples repeatedly with 3 very accurate hach meters. They tested the samples uniformly. Raw tested 1.13 Treated tested 0.16 Calibrated TN400 5 or 6 times but still reads 0.00 or 0.03 This meter is brand new and was to be used as a spare. But it has never worked properly. Would appreciate a response Thank you-LYLE

My new TN400 is very unstable with very unreproducible readings in the 0-1 NTU range and way outside the repeatability spec of <1%. All this despite repeated calibrations with the 0.02NTU standard

Please help

I have a serious stability problem with my new TN400 as reported in my post last. I called the technical support office in the Ohio just now but as the instrument is in Norway I was advised to deal with the Apera Germany which I'll do tomorrow (Friday 29th March)

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