The quality of your standard solutions is fundamental to the accuracy of your measurement. No matter how good the meter is, if the standard is messed up, reliable measurements are in fact impossible to achieve. 

Unopened Apera pH standard buffer solutions have a two-year shelf life under room temperature (conductivity standards have 1-year). Make sure you do not use any expired standards. To use standard solutions more efficiently, pour the solution into a small bottle for every use. Tighten the calibration cap after use and do not pour any used solution back into the original bottle. Replace the calibration buffer solution in the small bottle after 10-15 times of uses. Alkaline standards such as pH 10.01 and pH 12.45 as well as conductivity standards tend to deteriorate much more quickly. Therefore these solutions should only be used no more than 5 times before replacement.

Apera’s unique CalPod provides an innovative way for you to organize and efficiently use all your standard solutions, streamlining your entire calibration flow.