Answer: There are 2 ways to power on your tester, and one of those ways will lead you to the Settings Menu for your meter. This happens when you hold the power/measure button down for several seconds to turn it on, instead of just pressing it and releasing the button.

This can take some getting used to. It is true that the meter must power off by holding the power button, unlike how it is turned on, but once you learn how to operate these three options with the Power button, you will be all set.

The 4 functions of the Power button:

  1. While Off, A short press of the Power turns on the meter into normal measurement mode.

  1. While Off, a long press (about 3 seconds) of the Power button turns the meter on into the Settings Menu usually showing USA, P1 (Special note: On some pen testers it will just be the temperature settings like F and C for temp units as they will not have regional options)

  1. While On, a long press of the power button will turn it off.

  1. While On, a quick press is the cancel/exit button for operating the device. Example: If you are in the middle of calibration but need to cancel or start over, a quick press of Power/Measure exits the operation.