If you see that question, please Exit out of that setting right away, as you will not need to use that prompt.


First, simply turn on your Bluetooth feature (Notice: on some new phones you are required to turn on your Location/GPS feature for Bluetooth to enable).


Next, Open and sign in to the ZenTest App.


On the main page, there is a greyed-out Bluetooth symbol button in the top right corner of the page. Tap on the button and you will get a dropdown menu. Your pen tester, if turned on, will broadcast its Bluetooth name.


The Bluetooth name will be the Model number plus the last 4 digits of the meter’s Serial Number (you can find this on the silver sticker on the back).


Press the Bluetooth name for your meter and the app will connect to the meter in no time at all.


You should now be connected and able to test, measure, and calibrate to your heart’s content.